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An Alternative to Cable, Satelite, & Antenna TV

FreeStream is an all-inclusive entertainment streaming device that operates over the internet.  You must provide your own internet and have a download speed of at least 30mbps.

What do I need to know

If this is the first time your setting up your box please watch this video as it will not only walk you through the initial setup but also how to add your local & live channels to your favorites.

Why choose FreeStream Entertainment

Tons of free content!

Watch Movies, TV shows, Live News, Sports, Concerts and so much more completely free without a monthly bill or subscription.

Hollywood Blockbusters!

Get over 1,000,000 movies completely free.  Stream blockbuster hits to your TV before DVD.

Live TV & Sports!

HBO, NFL Sunday ticket, NBA League Pass, Showtime and Starz.

Where to go for help

Channel Guide

Print out our channel listing to know where to find all your favorite networks

Quick Start Guide

Follow these instructions during initial setup

How am I able to get all of these channels?

By connecting to the internet your able to stream your television channels directly from our servers.

When will I be able to watch new movies.

Within 90 days of it's release date you will be able to watch it instantly on demand.

Will I still get my local channels

We have 700+ local news networks on demand.  It's not all of them but it's a lot.  Ask us if we have yours.

Is it possible to record my live television?

Instead of recording live tv to your DVR just book mark them from the cloud to your favorites section.

Do you still have questions?

View answers to other Frequently asked Questions

Taking Advantage of Favorites

Remove NCTV and migrate to FreeLauncher

Do this! Run a Speed Test

Configure TV Guide for the FreeStream MAX



I've had the box for over a year now and absolutely love it! Invest in a great modem and router too and you shouldn't have any issues! Trevor is also great for info and tech support! Always helpful!!


I've had my box a long time. It is a learning curve. Have always had help, even before Facebook group. Well worth what I paid.


We purchased ours at a home show about 4 years ago. It does take a while to navigate to operate properly. I find the videos very helpful to keep up to date. The money you save on cable charges and the variety of stations is phenomenal!!

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During the last eight years, we’ve worked our way to become one of the top internet streaming platforms online. Our commitment to providing unparalleled access to high-quality videos has helped us maintain a clear focus to grow and flourish to what we are today.


The information available on our website includes engaging and intuitive videos in various subjects.  Join the FreeStream community and take control of your home entertainment. Browse our videos and get in touch with questions or concerns.

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