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APPs we Use

When you first get your FreeStream it may be overwhelming with all of the different apps and add-ons you can choose from within the Media Center.  In this guide you’ll see what all the best ones have so you know what we used during your demonstration.


You get almost everything with FreeStream it’s just not all in one place.  Use this guide to easily navigate through the Media Center.



TV GUIDE- This is where you’ll find all live Networks from the Channel Guide.

ALL LIVE TV- Brings you to all the Premium Addons to find movies and sports packages



LIMITLESS MOVIES- This will load thousands of movies all in HD.

U.K. TURKS- Is great for older movies or new.  You have the ability to browse by decades or year.  You also find great 4k and 3D movies in here as well

VENOM- Is perfect to find all of your major networks on demand.  Just choose TV SHOWS then NETWORKS and you’ll find every show that airs on that network.



U.K. TURKS - The best part about this one is for all your TV shows on demand but you’ll find so much more in here



GRIDIRON SPORTS- Scroll down to SPORTS REPLAYS to catch any game you might have missed

FIGHTING REPLAYS- This is where you’ll find all the previous WWE, Boxing, and UFC fights

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