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Practice Makes Perfect

PLEASE WAIT: When you turn the box on and go into the "FS Media Center" for the first time be sure to wait before clicking on anything!  There is a banner scrolling along the bottom of the screen saying PLEASE WAIT 60 SECONDS FOR SOFTWARE TO FINISH INSTALLING this is allowing the TV Guide and channels to load. 

Mirroring Apple/Android devices: When you first boot up the box and you're at the home screen go into apps and select the app called Happycast.  On your device, if it has mirroring compatibility, on android you swipe down on your screen and select screen mirroring or if its an Apple device swipe up and select screen mirroring then choose Happycast.  This will give you the ability to watch whatever is playing on your device you can play it on your tv.  For instance, if you have your local news app on your device you can stream your local news on your tv without having to hold up your device or even if your reading something online and rather have a larger screen

Screen Size:  To adjust screen size, hit the zoom button at the top of your remote then select zoom or until you see a black edge around your screen.  While you're in the media center you should then see a banner run across the bottom of the screen.

Favorites:  Click the "HOME BUTTON" on the remote and scroll down to "Add to Favorites"

- If your unable to add channels to the favorites from the "TV GUIDE" just use "PRIME TV" instead

-If you accidently hit the "HOME BUTTON" you can click the red button with the K on it and pick up where you left off.

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