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A Solution to your Problem

The best thing to do when you run into a problem using a FreeStream is to reinstall the operating system.  If you do not know how to run an update you can just “click here” to watch the video on our youtube channel.


Where to install an update

Click the HOME button on the remote and choose MAX in the middle then click the big green button that says UPDATE

A channel does not work or is not listed in the TV GUIDE.

The easiest way to fix this is by going back to the Media Center with the "Live TV" tab.  Underneath you’ll go to "TV ADDONS" then choose "PRIME STREAMS" and "LIVE TV".  From here you'll see all of your TV packages just choose the right one and "FILTER" to find your network.

All of my FAVORITES have been erased

This happens when you do not "BACKUP FAVORITES" prior to running an update

I keep getting booted back to the TV Guide during a show.

The easiest way to fix this is by going back to the Media Center with the LIVE TV tab.  Underneath you’ll go to TV ADDONS then choose PRIME STREAMS and LIVE TV.  From here you can FILTER to find you network.

If this didn't provide enough help check out our YouTube channel or contact tech support

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