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How to run a speed test

Click the HOME button on the remote and choose MAX in the middle and click OK to continue.  You should see a small speed test icon in the lower right.  Just click on that icon and in order for you to hit BEGIN TEST you have to tap the MOUSE button on the remote and when you hit the DOWN ARROW on the remote you'll see the mouse on the screen.


Just click on BEGIN TEST and it runs the speed test.  Let me know what it says and we'll go from there

How to add captions to a movie or TV show

You can only add captions to on demand content.  While watching the show click the OK button on the remote and choose the small caption icon on the bottom right.  Then perform a "manual search string" and type in the name of the show/movie you are watching.

How to change the time

If you click the HOME button on the remote just chose SETTINGS and then DATE/TIME.  Just SET TIME and choose your time zone.

 How to run an update or reinstall the operating system

Click the HOME button on the remote and click on MAX or FREESTREAM in the middle and click CONTINUE.  From there you will see a big green button on the screen that says UPDATE.  Click on that and reinstall the Classic or Adult.

How to create a favorite

Click the “MENU” button and scroll down to “ADD TO FAVORITES”

How to connect to the internet

On the home page just click on settings then, Network

How to connect to multiple TVs

You can connect to multiple TVs by purchasing an additional piece of hardware called an HDMI transmitter that can be purchased from any electronics store.

Adjust the screen size.

Depending on your TV you may need to resize the screen to fit your type of television.

If your looking for more guides and tutorials make sure to visit our blog

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