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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I do a factory reset if I'm having problems.

Never do a factory reset unless instructed to do so by tech support

Do I need cable for my device to work?

No, all you need is internet. You need at least 15 mbps for this box to work properly

What comes with my purchase?

You get the Freestream MAX model, the remote, 4K HDMI cable and the power cord.

What connects to the Freestream box?

HDMI,Power,AV,SD,Optical, and 3 usb ports, also LAN where you connect a CAT 5 cord (recommended)

How do I connect to another TV?

You would need an HDMI splitter and HDMI transmitter.

What internet speed do I need?

At minimum you must have 15 mbps.

When are new movies released?

 No longer than three months from the theater release date

How many channels do I get?

Across the globe, you will have 15,000 live channels to choose from because one app alone has over 9,000 channels.  

Where can I find support?

On this website the best place to go would be our blog.  But join our YouTube channel "Internet Streaming" or our Facebook group

Can I watch videos offline?

You must have an internet connection in order to use the FreeStream

How much is a subscription?

There is never a subscription when you purchase a FreeStream and you will won't pay a monthly fee

Should I use WiFi or directly connect

You can connect either by WiFi or a direct connection.  But you will receive zero interference when you use a wired connection

Do I have to pay a monthly fee or subscription charge?

This is a one time purchase

Do I need a Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu account?

No.  You can access all of those networks original content within the Media Center

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