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How do I find what I want to watch

Once you start using your FreeStream receiver you'll notice a tab for each one of these tabs on the carousel page.  Under each tab you'll have a couple options below to choose from.  On this page we've briefly outlined what you'll find when you enter these add-ons

These are all of your options on the carousel page.  

Live TV

Live TV logo.jpg

A Lasting Impact

TV Guide - The FreeStream live tv guide

Fresh TV - Select any category USA HD, USA Sports, USA Premium, UK, Kids, etc...

Limitless - Live, TV, TV Guide, VOD

Prime - Choose between Network TV, Sports Networks, PPV/Events, Local Networks, 24/7 tv

Alpha TV - Hit the left arrow button once, then scrol through and select which category you would like to watch.  They have multiple categories USA HD, Spanish, Mexico, Kids, Sports, etc...

On Demand TV


Practice Makes Perfect

Resistance/ Sky Net/ Yoda/ Supremacy:
Choose tv shows.  Then you can decide on how to look for them either what people are watching, most popular, aired today, etc.  It also has a search in the apps if you are looking for a certain tv show.  When you select a tv show episode you do have to pick your stream.  If a website comes up, hit the back button on your remote once and the movie will still play.


Dish Antenna

A Lasting Impact

Prime Movies - Select Movies, the new releases are at the top.  If you scroll down farther, it will give you what PRIME has in their library.  They will also be in alphabetical

Limitless Movies - Search All or choose a category; New Releases, Comedy, Westerns, Kids, Family, Etc...

Evo - 2017-2019 Blu-Ray movies, Select All and it will bring up all the movies

Resistance/Sky Net/ Yoda/ Supremacy

Choose movies.  Then you can decide on how to look for them either what people are watching, most popular, etc.  It also has a search in the apps if you are looking for a certain movie.  When you select a movie, you do have to pick your stream



Practice Makes Perfect

EVO Sports Choose Soccer, NFL, NHL, NBA for sports channels select North America Sports

Limitless - Scroll down to US/CA Sports this will give you a list of sports channels.  If your looking for local sports channels keep scrolling and you will find a tab that sayss "US Local Sports".  If your wanting to watch a certain sport just scroll down and you will have NBA League Pass, NFL Games, NHL Center Ice, MLB Extra Innings, NCAAF, also International Sports

Prime - Go to "Sports Networks" then select the network you would like to watch for example, NBCSN, Outdoor channel, NESN, ESPN, etc...

NFL (live)


Make the Most of Your Time

EVO NFL Gives you NFL Gamepass & NFL Sunday Ticket

Touchdown (Will ask to select your favorite NFL Team).  Scroll down select NFL Streams and this will give you all the games that day or if you are a NCAAF fan scroll down and select NCAAF Streams.  You can also watch NFL highlights to watch all the previous NFL games from the current season.  You are also able to watch the most recent NFL News.

PRIME NFL - This will give you NFL Network, NFL Sunday Ticket, NFL Gamepass, and Redzone.  You'll also find NCAA football



A Lasting Impact

Prime Local - Has nearly 

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