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Take Advantage of Favorites

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

This is probably the most under used tab in your Media Center. You have the ability to do so much with your favorites but you just might not be aware.

It takes time to build out your favorites tab but once you do it will be the your favorite place to go with your FreeStream. You have the ability to create your own TV GUIDE that only contains your favorite channels Movies and Tv shows. Add all of the shows you normally record so you never have to search again. Rearrange or organize your favorites in the order you want by highlighting what you want in your favorites and select the MENU button on the remote to MOVE UP, MOVE DOWN or REMOVE content in your favorites.

Many of you might have tried to add your favorite networks from the TV GUIDE but found out that you were unable to do so. In order to add live networks to your going to have to be in LIVE TV 1, LIVE TV 2 or LIVE TV 3. From there you can find any channel you want when you click NETWORK TV. Remember that your able to FILTER through the list so you do not have to scroll. Once you have your network highlighted just click the MENU button on the remote to "ADD TO FAVORITES".

To find all the programs that you would normally record just go to the SEARCH optionn in any of the apps Under the Movie/TV category. Underneath you'll choose MOVIES/TV SEARCH and then click on TV SHOWS. From here you can perform a NEW SEARCH and add as many tv shows as you'd like to the favorites.

By now we should have added a few favorites so let's go take a look at what we got. You'll notice that they are listed in the order in which they were added. You can easily rearrange your favorites by highlighting the selected show and clicking on the MENU button found on the remote. From the menu you can either MOVE UP or MOVE DOWN.

Once you organize your list you can take it further by renaming the links. You can change it to whatever you'd like just shorten long names. To do this just click the MENU button on the remote and choose RENAME. Once you are done editing just click done on the keyboard and always continue maintaining your favorites. It'll make you love the FreeStream just a little bit more.

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Joe Petrick
Joe Petrick

I uninstalled MAX on my Freestream MAX box so i screwed up. I have searched apps and cant find how to get it back . Can you help me ?


Reach out to the live chat support.

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