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Watching your Local 5 O'Clock News

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

If you're looking for your local 5 o’clock news, all you have to do is go to the LIVE TV tab within the media center. Underneath click on TV ADDONS then you'll be prompted with LIVE TV 2 or 3. These are the Premium Addons that you want to use for local, sports, movies, and international channels. When you choose any of these options your will be prompted with




For your local news you are going to find them in LIVE TV. Once your in live tv you'll see a list of all of the different TV packages that are available just scroll down to the package that says Local or Regional Channels.

Once you see all the networks, you’ll want to filter for your local station by the state or city.

To filter click the LEFT ARROW on the remote and scroll down to FILTER. You should have a keyboard pop up and start typing in your state or city. You can see what your typing below the keyboard right underneath the space bar.

If you're in Buffalo you can filter for “BUF” or you can filter the whole state of New York by using the abbreviation "NY".

For Buffalo, you will find CBS, NBC, FOX

If you're unable to find your local station in LIVE TV 2 you can check another Add-On for additional local stations by using LIVE TV 3

Now if you click the BACK button on the remote once or twice, it will bring you back to the Media Center. You should already be at the LIVE TV tab in the Media Center and down below you’ll see an option for TV GUIDE. Choose that and you'll find all of the live networks. If you couldn't find your local affiliate you can watch the national broadcast of that network in the TV guide.

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Jackie C
Jackie C
Oct 03, 2022

I m very upset I don't see the Hulu and Netflix or Disney can't open much stuff up.

I m very

Replying to

Just a matter of learning how to use the system, we have step by step instruction videos and tech support on our Facebook group, be sure to join, just click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of the website


Kirk Nielsen
Kirk Nielsen
Apr 19, 2022

attempting to talk to someone in online chat. It's a joke!! They refer you to this chat function, but I don't think there's anyone manning the other end.


Tanya Rene
Tanya Rene
Apr 09, 2022

I absolutely love my max box! it took me a couple days to get used too but super happy I made the switch!

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