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Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Have you had trouble finding the local 5 o'clock news for your area? If you've been using your FreeStream receiver I'm sure you noticed that your broadcast channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, & NBC are not broadcasted from your area while using the TV Guide. The TV Guide is perfect for watching prime time television but when you want to watch your local news you need to begin on the carousel page and scroll over to "LOCAL TV". We'll also explain how to add these channels to your favorites so they'll be bookmarked to the carousel page and you won't have to look for them again.

Once you find the LOCAL TV tab you'll see three options underneath. We would recommend starting with LIVE TV 3 because most of the channels are located there but you can use any of them.

Finding Local News using LIVE TV 3

Once you click on LIVE TV 3, select LIVE TV then select REGIONAL NETWORKS. Then just hit the "LEFT ARROW" on the remote and select FILTER, type in the city abbreviation or the 4 letter call tag. Click "DONE" on the keyboard and then the "RIGHT ARROW" to remove the menu from the left side of your screen. If your local channels are available they will be listed. If you don't see your channels be sure to follow the same steps in LIVE TV 2

Once you find your local news network we'll want to bookmark it before we watch it. When you have the channel highlighted in blue just click the "MENU" button or hold the "OK" button and then you'll see a pop up box appear. Just scroll down to "ADD to FAVORITES" and click "OK".

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Paul Scannell
Paul Scannell
10 abr 2022

Are you able to get the local channels from Providence, RI? I didn't see it when I went to Live TV on live3.

Me gusta
Contestando a

Yes in live tv 2

Me gusta

Did the update.. found nesn...

Me gusta

Looking for NESN.. when we go to limitless we get v3 error.. check log for info..

Me gusta

New update last night 4/16 make sure you update and you'll get all your channels👍

Me gusta
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